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The kitschy pop duo is indeed one of the most tedious hazards in modern New York City music... and yet what the Lounge-O-Leers offer is different; they aren't pretending to be anything but a couple of weird guys playing weird music. Their tunes provoke a cocked head and a grin, but the covers aren't just funny. They're actually good... they rework extremely familiar songs to sound unsettlingly fresh.
– Village Voice

They’re a group you like to hear over the murmur of your conversation and the tinkle of the ice in your glass. Close your eyes, and it’s 1962 — you’re at a cocktail party in Passaic.
– Time Out New York

While these two are having a lot of fun with this music, it's not an amateur night... these guys are fine musicians in their own right. It's quite amazing that so much music comes from two performers... there’s entertaining fun all around.
– All Music Guide